View Full Version : Zena Lumbar pad

12-31-2008, 18:42
I finally had a chance to put a bunch of dives on my new Zena lumbar pad, and I have to say it is a MUST HAVE in my opinion!!! :D :D :D We just got done doing about 22 boat dives on Maui and although my Zena was comfortable without the lumbar pad, the addition of the pad made it totally luxurious! I love how it fills in my lower back and I no longer have my tank resting on my butt. I also find that my tank is more stable on my back with the space filled in.

I also has the opportunity to use my new Zena pocket, and it was great for night diving to carry my extra flashlight, and it's super easy to get in and out of. I didn't find much of a need for it during regular day diving, but that's likely because I've been diving for so long without a pocket that I've gotten used to living without it.

I'm looking forward to taking my pocket to Bonaire where last summer I really could have used it for stowing stuff while shore diving (when I needed the pocket space). No matter what, I'd say that the pocket is a welcome addition to my choices when configuring my Zena, and for someone who hasn't learned to live without pockets, it's another "must".

Call ScubaToys, they can hook you up with a lumbar pad and pocket for your Zena. Like everything else Zeagle, the quality is top notch.

Happy New Year!