View Full Version : Zeagle Single Tank Setup

01-07-2009, 19:38
I just purchased a Zeagle Stiletto from ST and I'm a little confused by the tank attachment system. I did all of my cert. dives w/ a Scuba Pro BC which uses a different band setup.

I'm sure it's pretty intuitive once you have the tank in-hand, but in the mean time it's much more fun to obsess about things like this. On the Scuba Pro, each band has a two-piece buckle which cranks over to ensure a tight fit. It would appear the Zeagle bands only have a one-piece buckle. My question is how do you get the tank on tight with this system?

P.S. A picture or two may be worth a few thousand words :).

01-07-2009, 21:42
Here, this should help (https://www.deepseasupply.com/templates/cambuckle.html) you more than a picture =)