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07-11-2007, 13:33
I'm diving springs out of Gainesville, Fl. Easy to go north or south for some great dives!

Moving to Orlando in a month. Any divers here from Gville or Orlando?

07-11-2007, 22:04
I am from Clearwater, but lived in Gainesville for 5 years while going to school.
<DIV>I have been looking at some of the springs/sinks up that way -- Blue Grotto, Devils something or other, Ginny Springs. Already done Rainbow River and Crystal River. What else do you recommend?</DIV>

07-12-2007, 07:56
We dove Blue Grotto and Ginnie. Ginnie was a very fun dive and Blue Grotto was awsome for working on skills.
<DIV>We did 2 tanks at the main spring at Ginnie and missed the other 2 springs that are real close.</DIV>

07-12-2007, 19:32
Ginnie is nice and has a few places to dive, some of which are no fun
unless you are a cave diver, becuase you really can only sit there
outside of the cave wishing....

I love several springs, such as:

Manatee: Catfish Hotel and Manatee are inthe same park, within spitting
distance of each other. Cat actually feeds Manatee....water goes in and
out in one pond, and the next exit is Manatee. Beautiful dive, but
Catfish is covered in duckweed, which some people think makes it ugly,
but it actually clear out nicely from the exhaust on your regs, so you
can see just fine when you dive. Catfish goes to 60 feet and Manatee to
30. I prefer Catfish, more to see. :) This is all located in Chiefland,
south west of Gville

Troy: Located North West of Gainesville out by Branford. This is
basically a 70 foot deep hole. Nice and wide though, I'd say 50 feet
wide? Some nifty rock formations to swim through. Some people get bored
there, but I always enjoy it. Stones throw from the Suwannee, which you
can snorkel in without a flag....but what's really cool is how the
clear water from the spring mixes with the tannic water of the river.
River is no fun compared to the spring, the difference in clarity is
amazing. But, the river water is much warmer! :) Water levels here are
down, 10 or 15 years ago it was an 80 foot dive....

Royal: In Branford, head north on...129? Anyways, thi sis 15-20 minutes
from Troy, but it's a county state park, and it's free. Water is down
here, so no steps actually reach the water anymore....And the run to
the river is almost stagnant, so the spring is acting like a pond, and
has a harsh thermocline. 82 degrees from 17 feet and up, at 17 the
murky water suddenly becomes clear and 72 degrees at the same time :)
Nice dive, only done one here but I am for sure going back! It's free,
and just as interesting as Troy, and not really any further.

If you have Ned Deloach's guide to Underwater Florida, it talks of a
Devil's Sink or Devil's Hole out near Interlachen. I went there to
dive, and someone has bought the property, put up a big fence, gotten a
mean dog, and a heaping of attitude! I got yelled at because I was near
his fence, trying to find this spring. Didn't realize the spring was
behind the fence, on his property....anyways, it was a miserable day,
long trip for no diving. Ended up in Lake Winot, which was
miserable....3 foot viz, 75 on the surface and 65 underneath....

07-26-2007, 22:25
Hey there JahJah! I saw your post on Devil's Hole out near Interlachen.

You said that you went there to dive,and someone has bought the property, put up a big fence, gotten a mean dog, and a heaping of attitude!
You got yelled at because you were near his fence,trying to find this spring. Didn't realize the spring was behind the fence, on his property.

Dude I got some wire cutters,a T-bone steak for that dog,and a can of whoop a** for the new property owner!

So buy my plane ticket to Florida and we will dive it ....alright?


07-27-2007, 09:52
I would love to open a can of whoop@$$ on him! The guy was a prig! I thought for a while about calling the cops myself and telling them he threatened me. We didn't cross any physical boundary to get on his property, so I really want to know if I was ever on his property. It would have been nice to press charges and take his @$$ to court. He wasn't nice or civil at all, if he had just told us that he had bought the property and the spring was on it and we couldn't dive it, we would have been ok with that. But in several places the spring is still listed as diveable. Pissed me off, that's for sure. Iw as hotter than a hornet!

07-29-2007, 18:36
In Jax so anytime you want to dive, I'm pretty much a day trip away... Wife and I are going to do Blue Grotto and Ginnie this week, Tues, and Thur. If you're available let me know.....

07-31-2007, 02:02
Not in Gainesville or Orlando, but will be in Marianna in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to diving several times a week. If you ever head up, let me know. One of the most beautiful caverns is only 10 minutes from me.

08-03-2007, 07:53
Currently, I am in Tampa, but I'll be moving to Brooksville in a month. I went to Blue Grotto and Ginnie Springs to get my Cavern C-card 2 weeks ago and was kicking myself the whole time thinking about the 5 years that I spent in Gainesville (getting Educated) and only going to Ginnie once, to camp. I wasted far to much time & money getting drunk and chasing skirts, when I should have been diving. Oh, well, trying to make up for lost time now.