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01-14-2009, 19:53
:biggrinbounce2:is it okay to dive with braces?

01-14-2009, 19:59
Yes, Saphire you can... My daughter who just turned 14 had braces on when she first started diving... She said it took some getting use too, but after awhile didn't even notice...


02-10-2009, 16:35
yes, i started with braces (at 12, i think) and didn't have any problems with it, then i got my braces off and got a retainer, i went diving with the retainer sometimes and sometimes i left it on shore and i had no problems with that (except that retainers smell like sewage about a couple hours afterwards from the salt water), and now i dont have a retainer anymore and im still good so youll be fine:smiley20: