View Full Version : Dive conditions for late Feb and early March on Kauai

01-14-2009, 20:10
My wife and I are considering taking a vacation to Kauai and the end of Feb though the first of March. I was just wondering if anyone could give me a good idea of what dive conditions to expect. I have read in some magazines/books that a lot of the dive sites are only good during the summer, so also want to make sure there is enough variety in dives this time of year. Niihau sounds great but it is one of the sites listed as summer only. Neither of us have ever dove in the ocean before, but have lots of experience in lakes in the Midwest. We are both AOW and I have over 100 logged dives and she has about 75. We both prefer shore diving, but also want to do some boat dives as well. We are also considering the Florida Keys as a possible destination. Any info or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!