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01-17-2009, 09:36
Has anyone had a chance to use the new Express Tech BP/W set-up? If so, how is it and what is it like? It says it is polymer reinforced. Does that mean it is essentially a full polymer BP (like a Kydex material?) sewn inside a nylon sleeve? Or is it more of a Nylon BP with a polymer material in key locations?

Does anyone have more pictures of the set-up than what is currently on the Scubatoys and Zeagle websites? I'd like to see a back view to see how the tank banks attach as well as a front view (like the stock photo, but without the maniquin).

It looks like a great travel BC that I could easily get a Zeagle SS BP to dive locally with.

03-25-2009, 13:28
You don't need a back plate with this BC. It's ready to go as a travel BC.
I have a DUI INtrepid Explorer that's almost identical and I love it for travelling.
DMT training requires you to do gear swapping drills and this BC is perfect for that.
So easy to get in and out of and adjustable to a variety of sizes.
It's almost like wearing nothing.