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01-17-2009, 10:01

Easy departure from Gimpo domestic airport to Jeju island on Asiana. Cost approximately $100USD roundtrip on a one hour flight. Catch an 'airport limosine' from Jeju airport right outside the baggage claim and take a one hour 10 minute trip down to the southern part of Jeju called Seogwipo. Get off at New Kyungnam hotel stop. Call Ralf at Big Blue Scuba. 1 minute away by car from bus stop.

There is a local motel 'strip' next to the dive shop. Backpackers starting from approximately $15USD. My place is approx $40, big whirlpool tub, all amenities, internet w/ computer, cable tv, balcony w/ ocean view, fridge, super warm room.

Dive Site
Boat dock is about 1 minute from old dive shop (Ralf is in the process of moving to another shop) and catch a 'water-taxi' to the outer island (there are 3, but I can't remember the Korean name for the place we went off today) About 5-10 minute quick ride. Unload gear and get ready. Max depth 92 feet. Water taxi will deliver Chinese food to the dive site!!

Water 61degrees F. Windy and about 50 degrees ambient. Currents. A tourist submarine roams around the area, so you need to keep an ear/eye out for it. Other divers in the area may or may not be certified.

Flora Fauna
Tons of purple soft coral, nudi's, 3 fat lion fish, tons of shrimp (different kinds), lots of 'tropical' fish, something that looked like a napoleon head, something that looked like a pipefish, and lots of other echinoderms. Nice wall too. Apparently kelp will start growing next month into a 'forest'.

This dive was great as I wasn't expecting anything in Korea. However, in fact, this site was better than a few that I did in Phuket, Cairns and yes, even in Papua New Guinea.

Dive Operator
Ralf runs a shop called Big Blue in Jeju. He's had it for around 10 years and will continue. He has nitrox, gear and can certify up to dive master. He speaks Korean, German and English fluently. Great guy, easy going, but respects nature and dive safety....something rare even today.

01-18-2009, 07:27
Very cool. I must admit Korea wouldn't come to mind as far as dive locations go... at least in my pea-sized brain.

Thanks for posting your trip report and providing awareness to another dive location :smiley20:

06-10-2009, 01:47
Good info. Are you able to let me know where you stayed? Accomodation seems pretty decent for the price.


06-10-2009, 14:09
Thanks for the useful & detailed info on diving in an area not usually considered. Nice post.

Oh, I see this was posted in January. I really need to check dates before responding.