View Full Version : wow!!! Scubatoys and Sealife rock!!

01-21-2009, 17:58
I went diving to St. Lucia in November, I flooded my DC600 there. Just before I left I ordered a DC800, it did not arrive in time for me to take it there. When I got home the 800 was here and I really like it. I packed up the 600 and sent it to Scubatoys as thats where I remembered thats where I got it from, as I get older I realize that inhaling was bad. Well they phone me to ask where I purchased this unit. I found the receipt and oh no wrong company, I bought the 800 from them. Well they sent it back and handled the warranty claim for me regardless. These Scubatoys boys went way out of their way to help me. And to top it all off, this is where my wife wishes we could have this kind of excitement in the bedroom again, Sealife hands me back all new gear, new camera, new batteries, new everything. Freaks me out. I can not shout out how happy I am with these folks, too cool. Now my wife will have a camera to play with. :smiley20: