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01-26-2009, 10:44
Finally had a chance to get my A570is and it's underwater housing wet last month in Key Largo. This is my first UW setup, and I'm very happy with the results. The attached pics were taken on Mollases Reef in 25 - 30 feet, using the underwater mode with flash off and no strobe. The only thing I will do differently before the next trip will be to add weights to the housing. The setup is very boyant without the weights.

01-26-2009, 11:44

Great pics. I like the Barracuda!

I have a similar Canon (A620) and have done two trips with it. I'm impressed with the features on these point and shooters!

Just something to try (I'm FAR from being an expert, by the way, just some ideas when you have time to mess around):

- instead of underwater mode, try manual white balance (using white board and adjust for different depths). For my camera, it was a better way to get accurate blues/reds

- I normally leave it set for auto ISO, but in reading up on the topic, I'm going to try forcing the ISO at 50 to see if I can better, deeper blues in the background.

Curious as to your experience with these settings! :smiley20:

01-27-2009, 21:36
Having been a Nikonos III shooter years back I did not expect much from my 570IS. I just did not want to spend a bunch of money on a huge dSLR that is obsolete before I get it out of the box. So, I figured I would give a cheap digi P&S a go. Well, I am very pleased with this little 7MP shooter. It has full manual controls, a lot of control flexibilty over the strobe, clean focus and excellent color rendition.

I now have three 570s. I have a Canon DC-12 housing and the Ikelite housing and Inon strobes and lenses for them. I am as we speak making a lens mount to adapt my AD fisheye lens to my Ikelite 570. Hopefully it will work. I am waiting on a part I ordered to finish the fabrication of the lens mount. I plan to shoot these until the Oly 4/3 system matures a bit and housings are offered.

I have the Inon AD adapter and Inon tray on the DC-12, the Ike tray and my custom lens adapter on the Ikelite housing. I use a Sekonic Marine light meter for exposure confirmation on a custom made arm.

Love my D2000 Inon strobe.