View Full Version : Restaurant Sticky Threads in Dive Spots

08-20-2007, 19:24
I was thinking it might be nice to have sticky threads where we can list restaurants/bars we like at different dive destinations. So for instance in Caribbean there could be sticky threads called "Restaurants: Cozumel", "Restaurants: Bonaire", etc.

It's hard to sift through random threads to try and find restaurants that people like. It would have been great to have a list like this when we went to Cozumel.

The posts should list restaurant name, price range, type of cuisine, etc.

08-20-2007, 20:49

Formerly 45yroldNewbie
08-20-2007, 21:12
You could also do one for Dive ops in the different places. I see a lot of threads asking for ops here or there. This way we could get an op and a restraunt list all in one place.