View Full Version : How's Cozumel Business

02-02-2009, 22:45
What is everyone's feel for how business is going in Cozumel due to the economic downturn.

02-03-2009, 00:12
Curious myself. I know the cruise industry is dead so I figured places a short plane flight from the US has to be hurting as well. Never know though.

02-04-2009, 12:49
I dove Cozumel twice last year-once in August and then again in December. The number of people in December was noticeable lower-wasn't sure if it was due to the economy or just that people didn't want to brave the lower water/air temps. Several times, in the evenings, we were the only ones in the restaurants and once during a surface interval, we stopped at a beach club to eat and only shared the beach with one other couple.

02-04-2009, 14:26
It was pretty slow in November also. It was very noticible difference from when we were there in May.

Scuba Bear
02-21-2009, 19:49
We jus got back on 2/16/09. It was pretty slow except for Sunday evening in town. I would not say dead, but not the usual crowd.

02-22-2009, 18:56
We went 2/13-2/16 it seemed slow...speaking to some locals about it...appearantly cruise ships are lighter on passengers these days. The US/Canadian mix was noticeably heavier with Canadian tourist vs. US tourists. It's hurting them.

A plus: if you have the money to travel, there are lots of good hotel specials to be had, as a result of the slowdown. However, airfare is still overpriced. The only decent airfare I've seen is directly out of a hub city for about 300 round trip with taxes. From OKC, it's still closer to 400, but the hotel specials are really good.