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02-07-2009, 10:32
Hi everyone... I was wondering if anyone that has been to Cozumel ever dived with an outfit called bubbles 'n Bait. They sent an email to my LDS and have great prices, so I am thinking about booking a trip this summer. They have a webpage http://www.divingcozumel.net but it does not offer any testimonials.

The boat that they use is the "cimpatica" . The webpage states that they have been in the dive/fishing business for many years...so somebody has had to have some experience with this outfit.

Any info or experiences would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance...:smiley25:

02-07-2009, 22:12
I dove with bubbles and bait last year, it was a great expierence. The owner is a great guy, professional and has been diving in Coz for years so he is well educated on the sites.

02-08-2009, 02:10
Prices look average at best.... In fact I would guess they are a little on the high side (not much but not a deal). You could do better with a hotel/dive package..........

Not to say they are not a good op but there are a lot of good op's on Cozumel......

02-08-2009, 14:23
Thanks so much for the info!

02-08-2009, 15:18
Here is an example I found with a quick search....... Sorry for the short answer earlier it was late...:smiley5:

Philadelphia, PA to Cozumel, Mexico Fri Jun 19 2009 Fri Jun 26 2009

PHL 5:50a CZM 3:26p 1 stop (6h 40m)
CZM 11:30aPHL 11:39p 1 stop (7h 13m)
$500select pp

Hotel Cozumel
8 day/7 nights hotel
5 two tank a.m.
boat dives +
4 single-Tank 3pm
boat dives***
All-Inclusive (with all meals & unlimited bar included)

4/15 - 8/23/09 special

Book by March 13, 2009 $899

About the same for The Wyndham. Scuba Club and Fiesta Americana about $75 more.

The Bubbles n Bait 5 day (2 tnk) package is $340 (10 dives).
The Hotel Cozumel 5 day (3 tnk) package is $345 (AI hotel $554 + $345 14 dives= $899)
That's $34/dive vs $24/dive.....

The flight out of Philly (I was not sure if this was the closest) has a lay over, I found no direct flights.

Hope this makes sense.... :smiley20:

02-10-2009, 17:21
:smiley20:I have dove with Bubbles & Bait and I felt that I got a very good trip. I I echo Datsdaisy's comments Just make sure when comparing you are comparing apples to apples.
I was never rushed back to the boat. :smiley2:
I was allowed to dive my air and my computer. :smiley32:
The boat crew was great in helping with gear and getting in and out of the water. :smiley9:
We dove the sites we wanted to. Very good lunch on the SI every day. Very nice jackets for those that felt chilled when out of the water. Covered bow to stay out of the sun if necessary.
They took great care of my gear between days and dives.
Always had good air fills.
All in all the people were knowledgeable, courteous, punctual and good natured.
Boat was comfortable and prompt.
I know there are tons of dive ops on the island and some work better for some people than others do but I don't think you would be unhappy diving with this group. :smiley32:
I am going back over spring break.:smiley2:

02-10-2009, 17:26
I dove with bubbles and bait last year, it was a great expierence. The owner is a great guy, professional and has been diving in Coz for years so he is well educated on the sites.

Me thinks we are being suckered on this one. Both "good" comments are from members with 1 post. Stinks to me. Anyone else???

02-10-2009, 20:40
I dove with bubbles and bait last year, it was a great expierence. The owner is a great guy, professional and has been diving in Coz for years so he is well educated on the sites.

Me thinks we are being suckered on this one. Both "good" comments are from members with 1 post. Stinks to me. Anyone else???

You might be on to something here............... :smiley29:

I am sure they are a good dive op as Cozumel has a lot of good ones and I have no reason to say someone should not use them but I never have.
I have dove with 6 different dive op's on Cozumel and I really have no bad comments about any.

My post was based on the $$ side of it for the OP. If you were to stay at a condo or a hotel like Villa Blanca that did not have a dive shop package (There is Papa Hog's across the street and Scuba Mau a couple of doors down though) then Bubble's and Bait's prices might be the better deal.

02-10-2009, 20:45
His shop is not found on the PADI site...

02-10-2009, 22:37
any way to check this place out before spending $$?

02-11-2009, 10:09
I dove with bubbles and bait last year, it was a great expierence. The owner is a great guy, professional and has been diving in Coz for years so he is well educated on the sites.

Me thinks we are being suckered on this one. Both "good" comments are from members with 1 post. Stinks to me. Anyone else???

Nice catch.

02-11-2009, 23:57
Looks like a couple of ex-pats running a one boat operation and a B&B. Prices are no great shakes. There are lots of ops in Cozumel with long histories of great service. My 2 cents, chose from a long time op with a long history of great service.

02-12-2009, 20:44
Seems like a pretty legit operation....I will give a full report when I return!

02-12-2009, 21:19
DevilDiver, where do you get your package special information from?

02-14-2009, 09:38
DevilDiver, where do you get your package special information from?

The dive package info is from : Bay Adventures :: Dive Adventures and Island Vacations :: 888.599.3483 (http://www.bayadventures.com/index.htm)

Cozumel Rates and Trip Quote: Cozumel vacation, Mexico resort hotel rates - Bay Adventures (http://www.bayadventures.com/cozumel/rates.htm)

You can also check:
Island Dreams Travel scuba diving vacations, cozumel scuba diving, dive travel, dive resorts, diving trips (http://www.islandream.com/)

Caradonna Dive Adventures - Dive Travel and Vacations (http://www.caradonna.com/)

I have used all of these sites but most of the time I will use for information and book direct with the resort/hotel if possible.

The the best air fair sites I know of are:
Cheap Flights, Airline Tickets, Cheap Airfare & Discount Travel Deals - Kayak.com (http://www.kayak.com/)

ITA Software: Login (http://matrix.itasoftware.com/cvg/dispatch/prego;jsessionid=D367D473757ADC9B720622F623D6D205)
(You have to create a log-in for the ITA site but it is the best)

If there are charter flights available you can usually find them on sites like
Funjet Vacations - Vacation Packages to Las Vegas Mexico Hawaii the Caribbean Europe Family Travel Destination Package Air Hotel Online Booking (http://www.funjet.com/index.asp?Referrer=J26&ovchn=MSN&ovcpn=brand&ovcrn=funjet&ovtac=PPC&DCMP=KNC-MSN-brand)

Apple Vacations: #1 Tour Operator in the U.S. and America's Favorite Vacation Company! (http://www.applevacations.com/index.do?command=showHome)

Worry-Free Vacations Home (http://www.worryfreevacations.com/)

Hope this helps!!

Freshwater Barracuda
02-14-2009, 16:36
His shop is not found on the PADI site...

Found Divers Cental on the PADI site, using the dive shop locator. Wouldn't work when I typed the name in, but typed in Cadillac, MI for location and it came up. Even though I only have 1 post, which is evidently frowned upon by some on this board, I too recommend Bubbles and Bait. I have gone diving with them in Cozumel. Yes, I know the owner. The owner (Morris) understands diving and customer service like no other that I have met in 11 + years of diving. He is legitimate. He has been a PADI Course Director for a very long time. In fact, he was my Course Director. I had no affiliation with him prior to my instructor course. I went in much like you, not knowing what to expect or what I was getting for my money. I found him to know more about diving and the dive industry than I could have ever imagined. He has been taking groups to Coz for almost two decades. I have used his charter service. I felt the service superior to many of the competitors. That said, of course there are a ton of good dive operators in Cozumel, it is one of the top dive destinations. I would not, however, hesitate to book with him. I, along with the members of my group, found the atmosphere on the dive boat and the diving to be second to none. I suggest if you have questions...CALL or EMAIL him. I believe you will find him more than accomodating and very willing to address any of your questions or concerns. If you're not convinced after talking to HIM.....Book with someone else....It's your money!

04-22-2009, 19:27
Cozumel Trip April 16-20
I just returned from my trip to Cozumel, and already I wish I was still there. My buddy and I stayed with Bubbles N Bait and had a phenomenal time! We arrived at the COz airport on Thursday afternoon and were met immediately by Sarah and Morris, the proprietors of BnB. We were taken back to the bed and breakfast and were shown our spacious guest house.We were then asked when we wanted to start diving... Wanting to get wet as quickly as possible, we said right away. Morris made a phone call while we changed into our bathing suits and we made it over to the caleta. The caleta is the marina for the dive boats. Here we first saw the Cympatica. She is an 8 diver boat with plenty of room for diving and a covered bow. Fernando was our captain and Edwardo was our sailor. The sailor's job was to make sure that I never had to touch my dive gear, except to buckle the straps, for the entire trip. He was great at his job!!! Along with my dive buddy, Morris, and Sarah, we made it to our first dive site and were in the water within 90 minutes of landing at the airport.

Morris seemed to know everything about the reefs that we going to dive during the trip. With my dive buddy and I having different levels of experience, Morris and Sarah were able to find dives that maximized our enjoyment while keeping my friend within his comfort level. The boat crew catered to all of our diving needs and we never felt rushed. The limits to our dives were our own, not those of the divemasters. It was comforting to know that there were 2 divemasters on each of our trips.

The SI between dives brought a bounty of local foods. I ate pineapple that was so amazing, it was one of the only motivating factors to get me out of the water! Each night, we were asked what we wanted for the next days lunch. We had a variety of foods, but kept coming back to the pineapple. There were tons of drinks and sandwiches available.

At night, our gear was cleaned and set up for the next day. Again, during the trip, I forgot how to set up my own gear. Sarah, the other owner/divemaster became our personal tour guide. She showed us the local side of the island, ensuring that we got the best deals on t-shirts and ate the best food at local restaurants. After a few days, Joe (my dive buddy) and I felt like we were part of the family. We accompanied Morris and Sarah to the local Mega (supermarket extraordinaire) to pick up the next days supplies.

On Sunday night, Sarah took us to the square to see how the Locals celebrated the beginning of the new week. There were no cruise ships in town, so there were relatively few tourists. We made our way to the square and watched dozens of locals dancing in the square listening to a local band play! There were a few merchants selling their wares and many patrons enjoying a late dinner on the many verandas circling the dance floor.

Back to the diving... Morris found a huge hawksbill turtle that I was able to take tons of pictures of. We saw all of the usual fish, and some pretty rare fish as well. I did not get to se a sea horse, but you couldn't say that Morris did not try!!

We went on one night dive, which was very exciting. I saw squid and lobsters, along with a Moray eel longer than me!!

After the diving was done for the trip and we were in our preflight SI, Morris and Sarah took us on a personal tour of the island, showing us their favorite places around town. We got to see a side of the island that many tourists get to see...It was a nice ending to a great trip.

All in all, this was the best diving vacation that I have been on! We were pampered from the beginning to the end. With 9 dives, tons of pineapple, lots of local beer and a few "el Foco's" (a local taco like dish), I can say that we had a great experience and look forward to our next trip to the island....

About the only downside to our whole trip was that Houston Airport experience...That story is for another posting!!

We Highly recommend Bubbles and Bait!

04-23-2009, 11:39
Thanks for the follow up. I always like to hear about dive ops that we haven't used before.

04-23-2009, 22:27
Excellent job on the report! Thanks for the first hand and useful information. They sound like a op I would enjoy diving with too so I'll put them on my list to check with for next trip. I'm glad you didn't back out when you had some doubts and shared your experiences with them.

Can you provide any details on the Bed and Breakfast?

04-24-2009, 14:30
The Bed and Breakfast was run by the same team. It consisted of a main house with an outdoor kitchen, a courtyard and a back house with a small indoor kitchen and complete bathroom. There were 2 beds in the back house (where we stayed). There was also hammock hooks to sleep in at night, if you so desired. The place was secure, as we had the only key to the lock on the back house door, and there was a gate on the front walk.

We were in a neighborhood that was mostly locals. This was a a Good thing...We were about a 15 minute walk into 'town". This brought us tall all of the touristy places. Along the way were tons of local eating establishments. I wish that we could have tried them all...

All in all, a great vacation...

04-24-2009, 17:23
Great report...glad you had a good time.