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02-22-2009, 18:39
What type of lobster gear is most common for lobstering in the Dry Tortugas?

02-22-2009, 21:12
Harvesting Lobster (http://myfwc.com/marine/lobster.htm) in the Dry Tortugas National Park is prohibited!

That said, If you stay outside of the park you can use standard lobstering gear:

Tickle stick, net, lobster gauge maybe a snare if you're really good. Saltwater Fishing license & lobster permit. (http://myfwc.com/license/#SWF)

Please read up on How to measure Spiny Lobster (http://myfwc.com/marine/Fishing_Measurement.htm#lobster) and check for egg bearing lobster (http://myfwc.com/marine/Lobster-Brochure.pdf) before you bag them.

02-22-2009, 22:49
like DMWiz said, harvesting inside the park is prohibited. but you can harvest outside the park.

The commercial dive charter you go on will know where the dotted line is... (either that or it's BIG FINES for them.) They will also likely have a fishing license for the boat and you won't require an additional license.

You'll want a snare most likely. Get one of the green ones with the steel cable. The one from Innovative Scuba is a good one. Scuba Toys doesn't carrry them but Dive Sports and others do. Don't depend on the boat to have them, even if they say they do.

Here is the one from DiveSports. Also in the pic are a Lobster bag and a measuring device.

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You'll need a measuring device. You have to measure them in the water, not when you get back on the boat. Getting on the boat with a small lobster or one with eggs is against the law.

You'll need a bag to put them in. A small mesh bag will work fine. but Lobsters are pain to get in them sometimes as they grab the mesh. Get the one in the above pic. It's got a plastic collar and a lever lid to keep them in. part of the bag is also full nylon so the lobsters can't grab hold of that.

You'll see some folks trying to catch them with a hoop fishing net... but you're just asking for issue trying to get them out of the net and also they have to be in the open for that. With the above snare, you can snare them "in the hole".