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02-25-2009, 13:57
I just bought a inflatable boat to dive from, but I haven't bought an outboard yet. Does anyone use them? What size boat? What size outboard? 2 or 4 stoke? What brand? Thanks.

02-25-2009, 15:54
For starters, what kind of boat did you get? How big? Who is the manufacturer? I've dove from a 16 foot zodiak a few times. The fun was traveling 20 miles in 4-6 foot seas in it.

As for motor size, consult the specifications for the boat and choose somehting in the middle of the recommended engines. Too big it's a gas hog, too small and you take forever to get to your sites. 2 strokes are usually cheaper, 4 strokes have more power for the size as I recall.

One thing I will tell you: Get a short stout rope with a very good and big stainless locking carabiner to hang off t he die. The easiest way to get bak in is to take off your tank and hook it in, climb in using your fins to help you get in and then retrieve your gear. the center of the baot is the best place to put it to keep anything sharp from poling the sides.

02-25-2009, 19:37
2 stroke is more powerfull than 4 but uses more gas and produce more noise. Benefits are that 2 stroke engines are much lighter than 4 strokes and maintenance is easier and cheaper.
Check the boat manufacturers advise regarding max output and weight.
Choose a brand that you see a lot where you use the boat. This means that service is good and parts are cheap. I personally love Yamaha but when there's no local yamaha dealer or the service is poor you're better of with another brand.