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08-21-2007, 19:52
Not so much a complaint but more of a question. What is the one product that is not carried by scubatoys.com that you wish they had? (so you could purchase it with all your GC's you keep earning)

08-21-2007, 20:44

Im not sure what else I would like to see, However, if I find that im in need of something that isnt listed....i wouldnt be afraid to PM larry and find out if they can get it.......

08-21-2007, 20:50
Aqualung pocket snorkel. Still waiting on my LDS to get mine in...

Also, they dont have batteries for the DC600 listed seperatley, although I know they sell them, so I guess ill have to give them a call.

ScubaToys Larry
08-21-2007, 21:00
It was a bit ago... so it doesn't bother me much if this topic makes another round. I learned a lot by what customers are looking for - and we always want to listen and see if we can improve our selection for you guys.

The previous thread was over here: http://forum.scubatoys.com/showthread.php?t=626

And I also answer some questions in there about why we don't carry this or that... This is really one of the great types of topic for us as a store - as it gives us some insight into what you guys are about.


08-21-2007, 21:04
suunto dive computers

08-21-2007, 21:42
Sorry I should have looked and bumped the old post up. My bad.

Suunto Compass sk7 but I think I mentioned that in another thread.

10-06-2007, 15:41
I wish there was some way to try stuff on by virtual reality. I mean like put in your measurements and then try on the BCD. I can't find the stuff up here cause they don't carry much warm water gear in Alaska.

10-06-2007, 21:34
Scubapro products. I understand why ST doesn't carry them since Scubapro doesn't allow their products to be sold via the internet. I just wish Scubapro would change their policy. I like Scubapro products and it would be great to get them at a competitive price !!!