View Full Version : Cressi XS=Scubpro MK5

03-01-2009, 13:30
Last week I brought my regulator in to my LDS (Water Front Dive Ctr. in Burlington VT.) for a pre-season inspection. Its a cressi and they are not cressi dealers or certified techs. I know this going in. they Still agreed to take a look at it and let me know what they felt it needed beyond an inspection.
The Tech even allowed me to watch over his shoulder the whole time so I could learn a thing or two about the inside of my reg.
As he begins looking at the 1st stage he comments that it looks just like is Sucbapro MK-5. He grabs the magic Scubapro tool and begins disassembling it as if it were a Mk-5. At this point he garbs a MK-5 parts kit and asks f he can play with it a bit for learning sake. I willingly oblige figuring at the very least I am getting my reg services while I wait instead of waiting two or three days.Part by part came out and was replaced with the identical Scubapro part. In the end we were able to completely overhaul and service my Cressi XS first stage with a SP MK-5 patrs kit. We were even able to diel it in to get better air flow and performance.
The best part is I only had to pay for the parts and the inspection and he chalked the rest up to on the job training.

all in all it was an educational and enlightening afternoon at the LDS!!!