View Full Version : Any ladies dive with Aeris Caribe or Mares Origin Sport?

03-02-2009, 16:22
I like the sternum strap since it makes me feel more secure, and I'm looking to buy my first setup. Scubatoys has a carribean setup on sale right now that would prob be perfect, but the Aeris looks long in the body and I'm definitely short in the upper body. Can anyone comment on this?

Also, the Mares Origin sport looks less bulky that than the vector origin and has the sternum strap standard. They are the same price on leisure pro.

I know the best way is to try them on, but I've dove with mares, US divers, aqualung, etc for rentals and from my experience all of them fit appropriately enough to get through dives comfortably. I won't be using this gear a ton- but I will be diving a least once in Hawaii in may, and for a 2 week trip to Tahiti in June. Then they prob won't get used for a couple summers at least (medical school doesn't allow time for much as well as a lack of money). However, the research station in Tahiti is remote and no rentals are available so buying is a must.

I'm dropping about $5000 on travel this summer and am down to my last dimes for dive gear. I like the $369 deal at scubatoys-seems like a decent setup but I'm concerned about that BC.

Any input is appreciated.