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03-05-2009, 18:31
I recently caught a re-run of Bachelor Father, a very old sitcom (early 1960s) starring John Forsythe as Bentley Greg, a single attorney who is raising his orphaned niece.

Throughout the episode, Bentley was chasing a very comely blonde, who had no interest in him. Finally, he won a date or two. During the last five minutes, Bentley is wooing said lass, and the conversation went something like;

Laurie: Since I've been spending time with you, I've found myself doing strange things.

Bentley: Such as what, my dear?

Laurie: Such as staring at furniture through a shop window.

Bentley: That's not so strange, darling.

Laurie: Yes, but I was looking at baby furniture. Oh, Bentley, I've never known such happiness. Please say that you feel the same way... ... ... Bentley?

(Laurie turns around. Bentley is gone, and the front door is ajar.)

Roll on Floor, LMAO!

They really knew how to make a sitcom back then.

03-06-2009, 08:00
OMG yes...they certainly did.
Oh, and forget about being politically correct.
No such thing back in the day.

Like the Honeymooners?
Spousal abuse was funny.
"POW Alice, To the Moon"