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03-05-2009, 20:20
8 days and counting...going on a short 3 day trip with Scuba Express out of Myrtle Beach...the national park and the Grove. I'm really excited at the prospect of being WARM...and seeing some way cool stuff. Did I mention warm? Getting too old for all this cold.

I'll post a report when I get back. All hints, tips, and cautions welcomed!

03-06-2009, 00:11
Have fun being warm and in clear water....:18:

That's ok, I have Mt. Storm in 10 days!!

04-12-2009, 06:34
Better late than never! Didn't end up doing that much diving because I was feeling punk and coming down with the flu which had been going around. We dove with Ocean Divers out of Key Largo. Big fast custom boats. Professional and helpful crew. They dock at the shop so between runs they just refill the tanks on the boat. The dive with low pressure steel 80s.

Day 1. Went out to molasses reef. 85 and sunny. Sea conditions were nasty on the reef b/c of the wind. A 4-6 foot swell in 30 feet of water with a very short interval between the swells. Viz of 40 ft+ , lots of critters, saw a young mahi-mahi, sand alleys between coral outcrops. My dive partner got seasick underwater. I got seasick as soon as I got back on the boat as did 10/21 divers who sat out the second dive. Once we got off the reefs everyone felt a little better and the fish were well fed.

Day 2. Went to the Bentwood. Didn't really see much of the wreck because we were just fooling around looking at critters and didn't realize how much of a current was running. By the time we decided to really look for the wreck we were about 50 yds downcurrent and just eased our way back to the boat along the bottom. Viz was about 50+. I sat out the 2nd dive because I was feeling punk.

Day 3. Still feeling punk and they were diving the Grove. I was not comfortable going that deep feeling the way I did so I passed on the diving and went in search of white sandy beaches where I could bake in the sun. Had to go all the way past Marathon and over the 7 mile bridge but found Bahia Honda State Park, which is gorgeous. 3 1/2 miles of white sand, and you can snorkel along the edge of the reef which is about 30-50 yards out. Did a lot of lazy snorkeling and best thing a I saw was a pretty big bonefish laying in the weed about 50 yds offshore waiting for lunch. Thought is was a barracuda at first be in profile it was too fat. Looked it up later to ID it.

It was a short trip, wish that I'd been feeling better for more diving, but had a lot of fun.

Here are some pics from Bahia Honda which is a must-see beach!



Diving Jayhawk
05-12-2009, 05:05
Too bad you missed out on the Grove!! I used to run trips down there and I taught for Ocean Divers so I have dozens of dozens of dives on the Grove and it would definitely worth the return trip!!

PS you can take a certain heading from the Benwood wreck and drop into a bit of a canyon for another deep dive if your interested