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03-08-2009, 10:33
The LDS I used to get certified has closed (I assume for economic reasons) and I was looking for a new shop to do business with and get my regs serviced for the upcoming dive season. On 1/22/09 I brought my regs to International Scuba Academy in Gladstone, Missouri. I was told verbally that the service would take about 3 weeks and cost would be $99 (approx.) by the owner of the shop. I informed the owner that I had a dive planned on 2/28/09 and was told that would not be a problem. The work order reciept I was provided showed a promised date of 2/26/09 and estimated cost at $99. On 2/24/09 I made my first call to enquire about a pick-up date. The phone number was disconnected but a new number was provided and I was able to leave a message at the new number. No call back on 2/24/09 or 2/25/09. I called again left another message, again no return call on 2/26/09. On 2/27/09 I went to where the store front shop was located on 1/22/09, shop closed and is now a food market. I left messages at the only number I had to no avail until about 7pm on 2/27/09. This is the first contact I have had from the shop owner since 1/22/09 and he left a message stating my regs would probably arrive sometime next week. No explanation for the delay was offered. On 3/4/09 I started the call, leave message, no return call routine again. I finally threatened legal action on 3/6/09 and that prompted a return call on the evening of 3/6/09 my regs were available for pick-up the cost increased to $154 (a 50% increase over the estimate) with no explanation.
I was told by the shop owner when I expressed my dissatisfaction with the lack of service the shop owner said, "you just can't please some people." When I picked up my regs I was told that my octo had a cracked housing and the housing had to be ordered slowing down the service. I paid the cost and got my regs back and at this point I just want to put the experience behind me, find a reputable LDS, and warn other divers about this particular shop as it appears that they remain in business through the internet. A simple phone call would have avoided this entire situation and would have likely resulted in my renting some regs from the shop for my scheduled dive if I had just recieved a minimum amount of service explaining the delay. As divers we will potetially spend a lot of money with an LDS and for that potential business I believe we should expect at least some basic courtesy of being informed of delays in service, increase in costs, and return phone calls within 24-36 hours.

03-08-2009, 11:33
Sorry to hear about your experience. From the looks of their web presence, you may have been fortunate to get your gear back at all.

It looks to me like they're very close to being completely out of business. They have an online store with little or nothing to sell in most categories. Their events calendar has nothing on it but a recurring taco night at the bar next door. The situation doesn't look good.

I'm not trying to defend their actions by any means, but I'm betting that losing your business is a pretty stressful thing and that likely played a part in your experience.

Glad you got your gear back, even if it did cost more than the estimate. I know it is a bit of a drive from Gladstone, but there are some good LDS's in Overland Park (The Dive Shop, Adventure Sports, Midwest Aquatics) that would be more than happy to earn your business.

Good luck.

03-08-2009, 12:08
I appreciate the recommendation I went to The Dive Shop last week and felt appreciated and I haven't spent a dollar yet, that alone is worth a drive.

03-08-2009, 22:09
Did they give you your old cracked housing? If not, I would have asked them for it back. Just to make sure thay actually did change it.

03-10-2009, 08:22
I did get the housing from the Octo back. My assumption is that it was legitimate, but a phone call would have been nice.

03-26-2009, 15:01
The Dive Shop is good, and not more than a mile down the road on 75th is Adventure Sports, who run decent trips on beaver and have good service. I work right next to them both, have had good conversations with both the owners in the past.

03-28-2009, 14:48
I've heard Skin N Scuba is good for reg repairs. They're on 40 Highway near the sports complex.

03-28-2009, 17:54
I've heard Skin N Scuba is good for reg repairs. They're on 40 Highway near the sports complex.

The situation at Skin N Scuba may have changed. I heard that the shop had been sold very recently.