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03-10-2009, 18:56
Hey Scott,

I was looking for Zeagle reps in New Orleans on Zeagle's website. I was looking to have my annual reg service done locally from a Zeagle rep so to maintain my warranty and get the free service kit. The first person on the list from

Zeagle Systems, BCs, Regulators, and Scuba Accessories (http://www.zeagle.com/Find-a-Dealer/)


CHAG'S SCUBA CENTER (http://www.zeagle.com/index.php?filename=dealerdtl.php&id=235) 4740 VETERANS BLVD METAIRIE, LA 70006 504-455-8636
These guys are closest to where I live, but when I called, they told me they weren't a rep anymore. (just to let you know since they're still on the website listed as a dealer)

The second place I called was:

CORAL REEF DIVE SHOP (http://www.zeagle.com/index.php?filename=dealerdtl.php&id=110) 1207 EASTRIDGE DR. SLIDELL, LA 70458 985-641-9888
They told me that they were still a Zeagle dealer but they were unsure if they would be able to service my regs but were unsure if they still did the free service kit. Is there anyway you can let me know if any of the Zeagle dealers listed under Louisiana can service my regs and provide the parts?

As always, Thanks!

03-11-2009, 09:55
Thanks for the heads up.

Go see my good buddy Ronnie Temento at:

Temento's Inc.
435 Sala Ave
Westwego, LA 70094
(504) 347-5402

There is some awesome cajun food around there, too!!!!


03-11-2009, 15:44
That is the main reason that I can never move away from New Orleans; the culture and the food.

Thanks a bunch for the recommendation, I will go have a chat with Mr Temento on Friday.