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03-18-2009, 11:16
Ok well after living in Europe for 9 wonderful years and Diving in Spain and Croatia. We are moving back to the USA for 4 years. The military got their trusty dart board out and tossed the dart. And the winner is Louisiana. Are there any dive shops or dive clubs around the FT Polk area?

Looking forward to meeting divers from that great state. Just REALLY nervous about moving right now. Any one that has any info or anything to clam the nerves I am all ears.

Thanks for any info you have.


03-18-2009, 11:39
I grew up in that area but have not been back there in quite a while so my info is a bit dated but should get you started.

The closest diving to Ft. Polk would probably be at Toledo Bend Lake. The only dive shop I know of in the area is the Dive Toledo Scuba Center:

Dive Toledo Scuba Center on Toledo Bend Lake (http://www.toledo-bend.net/scuba/index.asp?isflash=no)

Additionally, there are shops about 2 hours north in Shreveport and 90 minutes south in Lake Charles. There may also be places on the TX side of the lake that maybe one of our Lone Star State members can help you with.

Hope this helps. Have fun.