View Full Version : First time visiting the Scuba Toys store

03-21-2009, 22:34
So this morning my buddy and I got up and headed out from San Antonio for Carrollton to visit the Scuba Toys shop in person so we could buy all our gear. We got there around 1pm and had barely set foot inside when we were greeted by a very nice guy named Rick Pearson who asked if he could help us find anything (anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting the store can attest to the shear overwhelming amount of awesome goodies in this store). I handed him the list my buddy and I had made out for the stuff we wanted and he went right to work pulling stuff from the shelves. Within minutes he had all the stuff I wanted arrayed on the counter and even saved me an extra $40 on a couple things I didn't need (wich allowed me to get the delux save a dive kit instead :smiley20:). He and one of the other guys went about quickly putting all our new gear togeather for us and testing it. In roughly 20 min we had everything bought, paid for, put together, and tested...not only that but they threw in some nice extras, and we walked out of there for less than we had expected to pay.

Rick was friendly, knowledgable, and made sure we had everything we needed before we left the store. All the other employees were really friendly too (though I didn't have the chance to interact with them as much).

If you are near Dallas it's well worth the trip to the actual store....don't get me wrong, I love shoping on the website too, but getting to see all the cool stuff in person is really great. The other benifit to visitng the store is dealing with the great staff there...THEY ROCK!

The ST store is now a must stop on my way up to see my brother in OKC!

03-25-2009, 17:14
It is awesome! If I cant find my husband, I check the Web Cam! :smiley20:

03-25-2009, 22:57
It is awesome! If I cant find my husband, I check the Web Cam! :smiley20:
I think that's why Joe and Larry installed it...too many wives and significant others calling the store to find out where their other halves are and tying up the phone lines. LOL

03-26-2009, 13:17
I wish I lived closer. Nothing like touching something before you buy it.
Scuba gear talks to me that way.......LOL

fire diver
03-26-2009, 13:51
Yep, they rock! You are right about thier staff, friendly and helpful as anyone could want.

I stopped in for my first time 2007. Just wanted to look around the store after placing several phone orders with them. I ended up buying about $600 worth of gear and I was happy! I am planning on making another 4 hour trip down there soon to see what else I can't live without.