View Full Version : Download Cable

03-23-2009, 06:41
I am looking at the expensive download cable for my N2ition computer. On the Zeagle website it has a great photo of the cable attached to the computer.

Does the computer need to be removed from the wrist mount to hook up?

03-23-2009, 06:59
from your wrist yes, from the mount, no. It clips on to it, and has a hole for the strap to pass trough.

03-23-2009, 14:31
In the photo it shows the wrist, watch type mount. I have the "tech" bungee mount on mine. It would be very convinient if I didn't have to take the computer out of the mount to download. The promo photo shows the clip on top and bottom.

So, would I have to remove the computer from my tech mount to use the download cable?

03-23-2009, 15:42
no, the clip on the back is just to hold it in place on the contacts. You should have no problem with the DSS mount.