View Full Version : buddy line?

03-23-2009, 13:52
imlooking into creating a budy line. im not quite sure what is my best option and materials/ clips. ive seen some with just a piece of rope, but id like somthing a little more useful. maybe dual purpose if ya know what i mean.:smiley20: thanks for any advice. or ideasahead of time.

03-23-2009, 14:00
Check these out for ideas:

SCUBA Grips & Clips - Tank handles, buddy lines, acoustic signal rattles, and accessories for SCUBA diving. (http://www.scubagrips.com/)

BouzoukiJoe A.K.A. wrecker130 AKA Chuck Norris AKA joeforbroke (banned)
03-23-2009, 14:04
Why not save some time and just put a noose on each end? ;). If the viz is so bad I can't see my buddy, I probably won't be diving unless I'm looking for treasure or something and then I'll be solo.

03-23-2009, 14:04
thanks. that really helps.

03-23-2009, 15:30
1" Nylon webbing with bolt snaps at the ends works reasonably well. (picture a double-ended dog leash)

That said, I agree that if things are so bad I need to use a buddy line, I'm generally going to thumb the dive.