View Full Version : Underwater Easter Egg Hunt -- Charleston, SC

03-25-2009, 12:28
Charleston Scuba is hosting an underwater Easter egg hunt at Trophy Lake on John's Island in support of Project Aware (http://www.projectaware.org/english/default_americas.aspx).

The dive is scheduled for Sunday, April 5. Deadline to register is March 30. $25 divers, $20 non-divers, $5 for kids (there will be a land-based egg hunt as well). Every entrance fee (not sure about kids) gets a raffle ticket, with divers able to turn in (up to) 3 eggs for additional tickets for the raffle. The raffle, from what little I talked to them about this part of the gig, will include a Titan regulator, a Scubapro Glide BC, along with misc. dive gear and other goodies, like tickets to the SC Aquarium. I think it was mentioned that there are 140 prizes to give away, and at this time only about 40 folks have registered. Please note, I am not affiliated with this LDS, so take everything I mentioned (regarding the prizes, etc) with a grain of salt.

More information can be found at their website: http://www.charlestonscuba.com/main.html or on Facebook. Call (843) 763-3483 to register, or drop by their shop.

Hope to see you there,