View Full Version : Thanks ST!

03-26-2009, 22:29
I joined the ST forums over a year ago. I got my 250 posts, but never made a purchase before, for two reasons - I tend to get most of my stuff used, and I really like my LDS so I do what I can to support them. Still, those gift certificates were really weighing down my wallet, so I've lately been seeking out excuses to rid myself of them.

Last week, I figured out how to do it. I usually dive doubles, but it was about time I rounded out my single-tank gear collection, and I needed a good wing. ST had the Oxycheq Mach V Extreme Edition on sale, and it was exactly what I needed. The only problem was that I wated the 30lb version, and the 40lb was the only one available. I e-mailed Joe and Larry, and in half an hour I got a response saying it was a mistake on the product page, and they did have the 30lb. Sweet.

Since I was really abusing the system by stacking discount over GC over GC, I called to make my order over the phone (my motto: never order online when you can talk to a human CSR). The rep (I can't remember his name, doh) was courteous, friendly, and professional, and he purposely stacked my 10% forum discount, $50GC and $10GC on top of the sale price in a way that gave me the most savings. Super sweet.

The wing arrived today, and it looks sublime. I tested everything out (and took off that annoying knob/stopper on the OPV cord) and really couldn't be any happier with either the product or how the transaction was handled.

So kudos to you ScubaToys! You really proved to a new customer that you guys are not merely some discount online gear pusher. I can't remember getting this level of speedy service from any internet retailer. No wonder you have such a loyal following--your reputation is well-earned and you're making good on it every day. So once again, thanks!