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04-05-2009, 23:36
I just picked up a Olympus Stylus 1010 on a good sale and found that the underwater cases were sold out though out the US. I found a PT-042 case at a dive shop over seas. Ordered shipped and delivered. So far so good.

Now I know there are many options for mounting a strobe. The accessory shoe or a tray seam to be my best options here I am guessing from my reading on the net. I have done some reading through out this forum and have seen very good reasons to use a flash other then the one mounted in the camera. Olympus sells a strobe (UFL-1 Underwater Strobe) and I wonder if that's what I should go with. It runs from $220-$250 or are there better strobes out there?

How about mounting. One of my dive buddies has a tray that has a strobe on one side and a focus light on the other. Is that the way to go?

Also how does this camera talk to the strobe with out wires. This I am having trouble understanding since I cant find the owners manual at this time.

I am hoping to get this camera outfitted as to have the change to take the up coming underwater photography class offered at my local dive shop, however no one who works there seams to be big or very interested in photography except the photo instructor that only works to teach that class. So I am lacking advice.

If you have any suggestions on additions to make to my set up I would be very great full. Any photographs of your set up to give me a reference to relate your advice from would be very helpful as I am very much a visual learner.

Thanks for the help.

04-05-2009, 23:58
You might have better luck with this question over on wetpixel.com. There might be someone here that can answer it but wetpixel is FULL of helpful people.

Good luck on your adventures.

04-06-2009, 15:48
For a small camera like that, the strobe will need an optical pickup to slave it's flash to the internal flash. You'll also need a way to block the internal flash from hitting the subject as well, and blowing out the shot.

Generally these slave strobes either have a sensor that you point at the flash (from behind the block so it can see the light), or a fiber optic wire that picks up the flash.

Might want to look at the Fantasea Nano strobes. They work well with small, full-auto cameras like these.

Trays and easily-positionable arms are the way to go, for attaching the strobe. You want to allow for creative lighting, adjusting to tough-to-get-to subjects, and moving the strobe far away enough from the lens that backscatter is reduced.

04-07-2009, 09:38
Alright I think then I will search for a good tray and look the the strobes you talk about. Thanks