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08-23-2007, 10:27
I do not know if this is a known issue or not but I have been using the Blue Pearl format of the forum and when someone hyperlinks something you cannot tell. The word does not look any different than any of the other words.


MEL-DC Diver
08-23-2007, 10:51
I saw the opening portion of your post and immediately thought that there was an adult section of the forum that I was missing. I need help, seriously!

08-23-2007, 11:21

08-23-2007, 13:29
Blue Pearl? Is that a bar that I haven't discovered yet?

08-23-2007, 14:50
Oh boy here we go. I can see this is going to go in a completely different directin than I had intended


08-23-2007, 15:05
Just tried the whole blue pearl thing. I really like it. Anymore skins out there?

ScubaToys Larry
08-23-2007, 21:38
It's the only one we were playing with. The problem is, we're adding mods to the board, and when you do that, you have to go in and add them to each skin. If we were stock - no problem... so we decided not to mess with it much until we get a few other things worked out.

08-23-2007, 22:59
i find the blue pearl hard on the eyes after a while.