View Full Version : spear gun or travel spear

04-10-2009, 10:08
i am just now taking up spear fishing. should i go ahead and by a spear gun or pole spear and what brand do you suggest?

04-10-2009, 11:29
If you had a buddy to go out with in your area, it would be best to try out their equipment.

I was familiar with California's Fish & Game laws and already knew with fish that I liked to eat from H&L fishing.

I started with a fiberglass pole spear with a 3 prong paralyzer ~$25. Good for small to medium fish.

Need to use a slip-tip for larger fish and a heavier aluminum pole spear.

I normally only use spear guns now since most of my diving is in kelp and it is not easy swimming through kelp with a pole spear.

I have a 110cm Euro for bluewater, and a 4' and 18" pneumatic for groundfish.

We have shops in our area that offer hunter training (regulations, identification, safety, guns, pole spears, what's good to eat, and a dive outing). There may also be dive clubs in your area where you can go out with someone and try their gear. Check out SpearBoard for local Spearos in your area.

04-19-2009, 09:49
Where do you plan on doing your spearfishing? If you are planning on driving to destinations then such as the Texas coast and fishing on the oil rigs, then the gun of choice is something like a JBL Magnum or Riffe. If you plan to fly, then either something that you can break down small enough to fit in a duffle bag (I do this with my JBL sawed off Magnum. Take it apart and reassemble it at my destination.) Suprisingly TSA let me take the spearshaft, sans tip onto the plane as a carry on (it was in a pvc tube).