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04-10-2009, 10:41
hi im 16 and i want to get my scuba diving license. i was wondering if eny 1 knows about a place in sini egypt? how long is the course and how much would it cost?
preferably near the Israeli border...

04-10-2009, 21:18
Welcome to the ScubaToys forums.

There are a number of worldwide organizations that teach scuba. You can search on their websites to see what's in Egypt close to Israel. On the PADI site at Find a dive shop, scuba diving shop, dive resort or scuba dive shop (http://www.padi.com/scuba/locate-a-padi-dive-shop/default.aspx) I typed 'sinai egypt' and there are quite a few places listed, some close to the Israeli border. SDI can be searched at :: Divers :: Facility Search (http://www.sdi-onlinetraining.com/divers/index_facilities.php?region=me&site=1) (choose Egypt at the bottom of the screen, it should show 15 dive operations). You can look up SSI at SSI Scuba Schools International: Find SSI Dive Centers Worldwide (http://www.divessi.com/fac_search) . I didn't find any NAUI dive operations in Egypt. Many dive operations have web sites, and can give you an idea of what they charge in Egypt.

All the dive center courses start with several sessions of classroom and pool work, then may have around 4 open water dives to continue your learning, to finish the course. PADI, SDI, SSI all have good programs. People will tell you to train with who you are comfortable with, as the instructor brings the class to life. Good instructor = great class!