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04-11-2009, 19:30
I will be headed to visit family on Whidbey Island in a couple weeks and am wondering how to find a good place to dive on the island. I will be staying in the Bush Point area and getting to the island from the Clinton side. What good dive shops are around and what are some good dive spots? I am diving dry and would also love to do a night dive.


04-13-2009, 13:15
Hi OAB2:

re Whidbey Island diving

Our "local" dive shop is Whidbey Island Dive Center, in Oak Harbor. It's at the north end of the island. Here's the URL:Home Page (http://www.whidbeydive.com/)

The shop's owner is Pat Beach, and he's a wealth of knowledge on local diving.

Two of our primary shore access dives are:
Keystone Jetty
Langley Marina

Here's an article I've written about Keystone Jetty:
Diving Keystone Jetty on Whidbey Island: Russell Sparkman (http://www.diverite.com/divelog/adventures/ambassadors/russellsparkman/keystone/)

Keystone is a favorite here, because it's a protected marine area. This means you'll see large (very large) ling cod, as well as a host of other Puget Sound marine critters, including octopus. In addition to the jetty, there's an abandoned pier that can be dived on ... again, current is an issue. Many divers will enter at the pier and drift with the current down to the jetty. Best to check with Whidbey Dive Center about which tide to do that on (I've only done it once, myself).

You'll want to check the tide charts, as there can be some pretty good currrent. Especially at the end of the jetty. You can find yourself getting pulled into a ferry lane if you're not careful.

Langley Marina's dive site is a sunken tire reef. It's a popular spot for open water check out dives, as it's sheltered and not impacted very heavily by current. When other places aren't divable because of either weather or current, Langley's often the place to go.

The tires and pilings are covered in anemones, and everything from tiny nudibranchs to ling cod can be found.

Langley would be the best bet for the night dive. Access to Keystone closes at dusk (it's part of a state park).

Langley is a great little village, with good restaurants and shops, so if there are any non-divers in your group, they can find plenty to do.

Here's the URL for Langley's Chamber of Commerce website:
Visit Langley, Washington on Whidbey Island (http://www.visitlangley.com)

Depending on when you're here, I might be interested in joining you for a dive. Especially the night dive. I've been wanting to do that again for some time down at the tire reef. I live right in Langley, and usually put my dry-suit on in my garage before heading down to the marina, only 3 minutes from my house.

Hope this helps,

04-14-2009, 08:32
I also will be on whidbey in a couple of weeks, actually arriving on the 27th. I have dove with the above mentioned dive shop and have dove at the above mentioned sites..............and agree with russell

have fun!

04-14-2009, 10:42
Russell thanks for all the info. I will PM you with my contact info so we can plan a dive. I also see the dive shop you mentioned has a list of local divers so I will take advantage of that as well since I don't know the currents in that area.