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04-12-2009, 02:12
This will be our first trip to the Pacific.....oh boy.

Any tips on how to plan an itinerary to get to Kadavu from Dallas and stay 9 nights at the resort would be much appreciated.

As best I can figure, we leave DFW for LAX and try to get there about 3 hours (???) ahead of the 11:30 pm flight on Air Pacific out to Nadi. Looks like we would have a layover in Nadi for around 6 hours before flying Pacific Air to Kadavu.

In Kadavu the resort will fetch us.

I don't have a very good handle on the dateline thing and don't want to show up at the resort a day late or miss the flight home cause I'm a day early ;~)

What do you do in Nadi for 6 hours??

04-12-2009, 22:36
Bula cutter77
Yes, the date & time change is confusing. Be sure to double check your itinerary. After the long flight you may be too tired to want to do much. Unfortunately six hours is not much time. Also keep in mind, you’ll have to keep your luggage with you as there is no place to leave it at the airport. So, you may consider hanging out at the airport. There is a coffee shop with wifi for a fee you could hang out in. They also give you 1 hr free with a purchase. When I went to Fiji last year I arrived a day before my liveaboard sailed and checked into a nearby hotel. I had a lot more time to explore than you will but one thing I did was take a taxi into the nearby town of Nadi & wandered around. One interesting place was the really large marketplace. It had a large selection of fresh fruit and vegetables including Tara & kava root-two items you will be very familiar with before you leave the Fiji! Some people rent a hotel room for a few hours.

What resort in Kadavu?

04-13-2009, 07:53
I would recommend getting to LAX at least 4hrs before your flight leaves to Nadi....I arrived at 5:30pm LA time and was glad to be there early my flt leaving Tx was cancelled and then the one they rebooked me on was late....so you just never know...I was glad I had allowed plenty of time for that little hiccup.....

getting a day room is the way to go especially after the long flight....we stayed at Novotel Nadi Fiji Hotel : Fiji Hotels (http://www.holidaycity.com/mocambo-nadi-fiji/index.htm)... Novotel it was a nice hotel very close to the airport they had shuttles and are used to accomodating travelers with long layovers....we only used it on the way back since we had made other arrangements on the way over....since we were not boarding The Nai'a for a few more days....there are many hotels in the area that provide the same service Nadi Airport Hotels in Fiji - DirectRooms (http://directrooms.com/fiji/hotels/nadi-airport-hotels/price1.htm)

you will arrive Nadi around 5:30am their time....if you want to hang around in the airport you can exchange dollars to fijian money eat or find a quiet spot and wait.... have fun wish I was going back

04-14-2009, 20:52
I love this forum....no telling how much money and grief it's saved me!

Thanks y'all!

04-16-2009, 01:12
When I dove Kadavu (Matana Bay Resort), we had a layover in Nadi. We checked our bags into a secure storage area with a security guard on duty. Our bags were rifled but only very odd items were stolen (sunglasses, candy, deoderant :smiley5: - nothing of high dollar value disappeared). We then got a taxi into the city and had a "typical" Fijian breakfast and then did some souvenir shopping. It took three plane trips (small single and twin engine aircraft) to ferry the entire crew into Kadavu.

IMPORTANT- you will have to wade out to board the boat that will deliver you to Mantana Bay Resort. The dive crew will hump the gear and bags out to the boat but wear shorts and sandles that you won't mind getting into salt water with. The same thing will happen at the resort. Dive crew will unload the boat and deliver luggage to your bure but you will wade ashore. The toilet in the Kadavu airport is REALLY basic. You may want to change in Nadi before you leave there. The water isn't real deep. Maybe calf to knee deep unless you're a midget.

The plane ride from LAX to Nadi is miserably long. Be sure to get up and walk around occasionally.

The electricity is NOT on 24 hours a day. When you hear the compressors fire up to refill scuba tanks, plug in your battery rechargers. They need the electrical generators to run the compressors. If you're going to be recharging a lot of batteries, consider buying an "octopus" outlet. (One electrical inlet, multiple outlets). And the electrical outlets are not the same as in the States. As I recall, the resort has some plug adaptors for loan or rent but I would check ahead of time.

You're going to have a ball as long as the weather cooperates. The head dive guy is Joeli (Joe- Ellie). On your surface intervals, he will play a game with you. Somebody tosses out a coconut. Everybody else then tosses theirs to see who ends up closest. Do NOT bet on the outcome with him. :smilie39:

Have a good time and post a trip report when you come back. I predict good times and good diving.


04-21-2009, 01:26
Thanks for the great info....I'd better make sure my flight to LAX allows for 4 hours connection! I'll post a report when we get back home.

04-25-2009, 14:08
We'll be looking forward to your report....be sure to check baggage allowances for Air Pacific....and most domestic airlines are charging for 1st bags now.

04-25-2009, 16:41
mrm777 - I've always booked a 4 hour lay over at LAX coming back from the South Pacific to be on the safe side and have actually been able to catch an earlier flight back to DFW. Note earlier flights before hand in case everything falls in place! I'd recommend the 4 hr lay over, but definately try to get an earlier flight once you get through LAX customs.

04-25-2009, 23:09
Have a great time!

04-26-2009, 22:45
We're flying Quantas but I'll allow for a good long connection as well.