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04-14-2009, 10:14
My inflator button does not move freely. It will move but takes some effort and does not return to the start position. When I turn it, there is a squeaking noise. My guess is that an o-ring may not be seated properly. Is there a way that the button can be removed. I see that there shaft of the button has a hexagon area. I have used a wrench on the hexagon part and twisted the button but it does not seem to help taking it off.

04-14-2009, 10:21

04-14-2009, 13:01
You don't have to take the inflator apart - just take some silicon spray and put it in a little cup (to let the volitals evaporate) and then, while working the button with your thumb put a drop of lube on the shaft below the spring(you can use a toothpick for this).

Work the button a few times and it should loosen right up.


PS. I don't think that DSS tool will work with our inflator, but I am not 100%.