View Full Version : Sent off my regs

fire diver
04-16-2009, 15:24
I just mailed off my 2 primaries and my deco reg to scubatoys for thier service. It feels strange to be mailing them off, but I trust ST and they charge less than "local" LDS's and have a much faster turn around. They should get back to me a few days after my wife and I return from our get-away trip next weekend.

I have to admit that I am divided right now. Part of me is screaming to get in the water, even if it's just a pool. Part of me is a bit scared to get back into it. I haven't dove since Nov of '07 and I fear being a newby all over again. I have stayed up on the knowledge of diving, but what about the skills?

I plan on hitting the LDS tomorrow to see about some pool time, get my tanks vis'ed, to catch up and see about getting in some classes I need. (well, ok, classes I want)

04-16-2009, 17:45
Tell you what FD: If it's a weekend I'm off, I'll be happy to meet you at the lake of your choice and would be proud to dive next to you. You will be surprised how quickly it all comes back. You've go enough dives that I have faith and confidence that you skills will be just fine.