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04-24-2009, 14:14
So I got an internship in San Diego this summer, and I'll be moving out there for the summer from Virginia. I looked online and it looked like there were some good spots to dive, so I figured that would be a cool hobby to pick this summer.

I'm about to finish an OW class at my school, and I'm looking to learn more about San Diego diving. Where a the good spots for someone who just completed a certification? I saw the wreck alley area online, and that sounded really cool. I know it's really deep, so I was hoping to do the advanced open water class while I was in San Diego (because I would really like to go down there).

Anyone got any tips on the area or just some good advice?

**Of course, my first post had to be in the wrong forum. I didn't realize CA fell into the West category until after I started this thread. Could a moderator please move this?

04-27-2009, 09:00
When I was out in San Diego in March I visited OEX in LaJolla. Did a guided shore dive there. It wasn't a super challenging dive by any means but it was fun and I would recommend it.

04-27-2009, 11:59
@sdeyerle: Congrats on snagging that internship! There are a lot of fun dives to do in the San Diego area. I would highly recommend getting your AOW certification at the beginning of the summer so that some of the deeper recreational dives might be a possibility by the end of your stay. The class is a great way to build on your OW skills...and find local dive buddies. I know several of the dive instructors at Ocean Enterprises, and they are good teachers. OE's basic OW courses can get quite large over the summer months, but I believe that the AOW classes are much smaller.
Best dive sites for a beginner include: La Jolla Shores (several sites to check out there), La Jolla Cove, and Point Loma kelp beds (by boat only). I would not consider the Wreck Alley dives appropriate for divers fresh out of basic OW class (but that's just my opinion).
You can hire a DM from OEX to give you a tour of the LJ Shores area (as suggested by DJBadfish), but I think a much better way to check things out is to go diving with the locals.
The best dive boat in the area is the Marissa (http://marissadivecharters.com/). Captains Carl and Anita run an excellent operation. If you do your AOW class with Ocean Enterprises, you'll likely do your boat dive(s) with the Marissa.
I would recommend subscribing to the Divebums.com (http://www.divebums.com/) email list ASAP. Local divers will post dive conditions and reports several times a day. It can also be a great way to get connected to the local diving community.
PM me if you need a dive buddy before the AOW class starts.
Have fun and dive safe.

05-18-2009, 16:51
Thanks for the Divebums.com list. ALso, Ocean Enterprises runs FUN dives all the time out of La Jolla shores. It's a great way to meet other divers and go experience La Jolla Canyon and the Leopard Sharks that will be out during the summer months.

06-22-2009, 21:45
I dove wreck alley a couple of weeks ago and we had a couple of beginners on our boat. No problems at all. I really need to get to San Diego more and find the best places to dive also