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05-04-2009, 17:55
snyone know if dive paradise has lockers to rent to store some items at 5hier offices,

05-04-2009, 22:04
Dive Paradise has at least 2 dive shops that I'm aware of. One closer to the downtown area, and one in front of hotel cozumel and resort.

The one in front of hotel cozumel and resort (the dive shop for the hotel) does have lockers. However, I'm not sure it's actually dive paradise that rents them out. When I was staying at the hotel, we recieved a locker key when we checked in to the hotel. We used it, free of charge, and we didn't even use the onsite shop (dive paradise). I'm not sure if dive paradise has the ability to rent them out at that location.

As for the downtown shop, I've never been there. I've only passed it on the road.

Which hotel will they be picking you up at?

05-05-2009, 21:13
we're staying at the Coral Reef Inn and will be picked up at Barracuda hotel. Be there first week of june.

05-07-2009, 15:30
well according to this

Barracuda Hotel - Cozumel, Mexico (http://www.cozumel-hotels.net/barracuda/)

dive paradise has gear lockers onsite at hotel barracuda...