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08-24-2007, 05:24
Hello, my name is Michael and I'm a yakaholic. I fish off my kayak so much that I installed a fish finder and have a milk crate all rigged up with rod holders and such. I also paddle around just for recreation. And, as the subject line suggests, I dive off of my kayak.My particular kayak is an Ocean Kayaks Prowler Big Game. At 34" wide, it makes for a VERY stable platform. I'm not alone in this, because shortly after I got into this aspect of 'yaking, I noticed that Dive Training magazine came out with an article about this very thing.Question 1 - I've heard that SSI or somebody actually offers a Kayak Diving specialty. True or False?Question 2 - Is there anybody (besides my buddy Larry in Virginia Beach) in the Tidewater/Hatteras area that dives from their kayak and wants to put a trip together?Question 3 - Is there enough interest in this thread to keep it going? (Okay - Maybe that question is a bit rhetorical...)

08-24-2007, 05:55
I have done on a sevlor Dive yak - but Im too old now and enjoy the boat more!


08-24-2007, 17:46
I thought about it until I saw this:


08-24-2007, 20:06
Yeah a White bit a kayak in half off of Cottesloe (WA) about four years ago.
The next year at the same beach a white took a guys leg off and he bled out on the shore.

they beleive it was the same Shark just back on its annual patrol of the areas as the whales passed through.


08-24-2007, 20:50
Yeah, like being in a canoe would make a difference. :)

I'm currently looking for a cheap yak (like, $100....) to use. I've gone out in kayaks a few times on the campus lake here and absolutely love it....and I've grown up canoeing fairly often (a few times a year) and wouldn't mind trying to dive out of a canoe, as long as I could get to a shallow area to try it out in. I'm fairly confident I could makeit work, but the sit on top kayaks would keep me from needing to bail water out of the canoe after the awkward entry.

And if I saw that shark coming and I was in a kayak or a canoe or a minivan or whatever the heck Iw as in, I'd release my bowels in an attempt to distract him, then I'd play dead. :)

08-24-2007, 21:05
Kayaking is the way to go it is sold, light weight, very stable, and we have no great white's lol.

I fly fish from a kayak all the time. I have gone diving with it, The only thing is it's a bit tricky getting your gear on and off in the water if you can master that you got a dive buddy in Florida.:smilie40:

08-24-2007, 21:39
I'd like to try kayak diving but don't know if I want to spend all the money getting a kit for the kayak I could use that money on a trip or to upgrade my own gear.

08-24-2007, 22:10
I've thought of it, but I've got other things to spend money on right now. Someday I may get into it though.

08-25-2007, 00:19
You know, I have always loved big animals, especially with big teeth (I don't know why), yet there is something so surreal about looking at a shark and knowing a fish could eat you.

My betta is so innocent in her fishy ways...

08-25-2007, 07:08
I'm often reminded that, once on or in the water, we're not always the top of the food chain.

As for kayaking, I just love the versatility. I think that I probably dive off my kayak simply because I have one, but stability and ease of reboarding were part of my decision to buy this particular model. On top of that, I bought an Angler model because I knew I'd fish from it as well. Finally, there are days that I just like to paddle around.

I guess it helps that down off the NC coast, there are wrecks that can be accessed from the beach, but that are 400 yards or so out. That's far enough that I don't really want to swim all the way out and back, but close enough that it's a short paddle.

As for donning/doffing equipment - We had to do all that stuff to get certified, so we know how. My rule - Get your tank/BC put together on the beach. Before getting into the water, make sure that you have enough air to float your BC, but not so much that it's difficult to put it on. Also, don't slip over the side until you have mask, fins and snorkle all in place. Finally, ensure that you have a tether to your boat (a wreck reel works well for this) and a dive flag. And, as always, a buddy is a good idea.

Would I run out and buy a kayak just to dive off? Depends on where I live and the dive sites in that area, I guess. Would I dive off a kayak I already have? Absolutely!:smiley20: