View Full Version : Not Coz, but close - any Puerto Morelos info?

05-11-2009, 13:54
I have a trip planned for first week in August to Puerto Moralos, anyone delt with dive shops in the area? any suggestions? or should I just catch a ride to Playa del Carma and take the ferry over to coz? or?

Would liek to dive a cenote as well, with 10 days and 9 nights - I have to get a dive or three in. - Thanks

05-22-2009, 13:36
anyone - Bueller?... bueller?

well I guess I will write up my findings when I am back, looking at Aquanutz as possible base of ops. Alos thinking of taking the ferry over to Coz for a day as well.

05-22-2009, 16:01
We spent 2 days there but did not dive. There are dive ops and I have heard there are some pretty good dives. That said, there are lots and lots of great dives on Cozumel. I see on the map there is even at least one cenote dive on Coz but I have not dove it.

We were in Cancun and decided on a whim to jump on a dive boat that pulled up to the hotel dock. The dive was on a wreck in about 50ftsw. Pretty cool wreck, but as we came out of the bridge swim thru there were 7 Eagle rays flying right in front of us. They continued to circle us and the wreck in V formation for the entire dive. Fantastic sight to see.

Anyway, Have a great time! Dive all you can cause you never know what might be the best dive of your life.