View Full Version : Dacor viper tec regulator rebuild kits

05-13-2009, 08:07
Hi,I've had my viper tec since 2001 and it works great for me(I have read many complaints from others) I have moved and the local shop says rebuild kits are getting scarce for these.Is this true .Should I buy a couple kits?Anyone have a source for them.What is a fair price for first/second stage kits?

05-13-2009, 10:41
If you find a source, let me know. I've got 2 Viper Tecs in my retired gear stash. The day after Mares took over Dacor, parts availability around here went to nil and not one dealer in my neck of the woods would touch them.

For that matter, I might sell them to you if you're interested.

05-13-2009, 11:21
Good luck, local shop has spares and won't sell them nor work on them for liability reasons.

ScubaToys Larry
05-13-2009, 11:42
You guys are all getting some pretty bad info... Viper Tec parts are readily available and in stock at Mares. All you shop has to do is pick up the phone, call them and say, "Send me a dozen rebuild kits" and they are on the way. We have them in stock, just got more in last week, and I double checked and just called them... no shortage - and not discontinued.

I think you might be being subjected to the "Dacor does not have any parts" myth to get you to look at new gear. All Dacor parts for regs built after Mares took them over are readily available. It's only for 30 year old pacers, etc that there are no parts....

05-13-2009, 12:09
All Dacor parts for regs built after Mares took them over are readily available.

My Viper Tecs were purchased in 2000 before Mares took over. You're saying you do or don't have parts for them?

ScubaToys Larry
05-13-2009, 16:47
Yes, we rebuild vipers all the time. And Joey called Mares and asked about the supply of rebuild kits for viper tec regs - and they said they have plenty in stock.

05-14-2009, 16:40
Larry,Thanks so much for the heads up on the Viper Tec rebuild kits.I guess the key is to find a shop that wants to work on them.In a pinch I guess I can box them up and send them to you guys.Thanks again Ron

11-01-2009, 18:30
more then likely they are mares parts kits now, and the repair techs need to look at what the part kit number is to find the right one.

11-01-2009, 18:40
Rec diver here, I have a Dacor viper octo. Don't think this is what you are talking about?