View Full Version : Blue Springs, May 16, 2009

05-17-2009, 11:06
Rain, rain, rain, and more rain, all week long and most of the day on Saturday the 16th. With all the rain, one would've thought forgoing a dive day for a better day would have been in order. But when I have a date set for diving, I make sure I am getting wet regardless of the weather.

I didn't expect much at all in terms of visibility; with all the rain, I expected most of the diving would be zero vis. out at Blue Springs. I hadn't been out to Blue Springs since last year, before the big flood, and the reports of the diving hadn't been spectacular. But yesterday was a pleasant surprise. With all the rain, the first 20-25' weren't the best visibility...maybe 8'. But then, lo-and-behold, we drop below 30' and the vis really wasn't so bad, about 15'. My buddy, a newly certified diver who was certed down in the Keys this past March, remarked..."the vis. was better than when I was in Key West".

I did have a regualtor free-flow problem during the first dive, but the reg. behaved properly the second dive.

The temps were as low as 46 degrees at 50'. With a thermocline about 30-35'. Above the thermocline, I was surprised that my 7mil kept me quite comfortable, below the thermocline, I was a bit chilly, but who isn't in 40-50 ish degree water.