View Full Version : Ikelite domes, stobes arms needed for Nikon D90

roby jeff
05-19-2009, 18:24
My son ans I have just ordered a Nikon D90 with Nikor 18-55VR lens and a fish eye Tokina 10 – 17 lens to go with our current S & S DX1G camera.
We are confused as to what Ikelite product’s are best suited to our modest skills and ambitions. pros and cons.
* Do we use the 6 inch or 8 inch domes ...especialy WITH the fish eye lens????
*We want to use 2 x DS160 stobes but we am not sure what lenghth arms we need ??? 14, 16 or 18 inch ..what would be best suited to cover the wide angle lens etc.??
*We would greatly appreciate any ideas and opinions or if any one thinks their may be better options than ikelite.??
We were thinking Ikelite because TTL came standard and it seems modestly priced .

05-20-2009, 08:04
Ikelite gives you the most bang for your buck and their customer service is second to none. You didn't really state what your budget is. I have shot Ikelite, Subal, Light & Motion and now have a SeaTool. I wouldn't trade my SeaTool for anything on the market right now. I LOVE firing my Inon's via fiber optics as opposed to an electrical sync cord.

Especially using the 10-17, you will want the 8" dome.

IMHO, 14" is plenty of arm length. Everyone's shooting styles are different. When shooting WA, some like to extend the arms out as far as they will go. Personally, I keep mine closer and angle my strobes out more. I use ULCS arms and have (1) 8" & (1) 5" on each side and that is more than enough for my shooting style.


roby jeff
05-20-2009, 09:21
thz for reply dbh, had a look at your web site and pics...really beutifull stuff.
In australia the ikelite set up is about A$6,500. Aquatic with no TTL $8,500 using S & S110a strobes & Nexus/ Inon Z240 about $11,000. Pretty hard for me to justify the nexus price but ikelite and aquatic are in my price range. It has just been suggested i look again at aquatic as TTL might be possible using ikalite stobes or some such thing. I have to be a bit carefull that i can still get back up service in Austalia no matter what i get. AAlthough the world is geting smaller.