View Full Version : GUE Fundamentals Class, Brownstone Park, June 2009

05-20-2009, 06:09
I have an upcoming GUE Fundamentals class at Brownstone Park in Portland CT. The class is being run over two weekends, June 13/14 & 27/28

The GUE Fundamentals course is a combination of lecture and practical (in-water) sessions, and focuses on cultivating the foundational skills required by all diving practice. It is focused on increasing diving fun by reducing stress and increasing diver proficiency through proper control of buoyancy, trim, propulsion, teamwork, and other GUE principles.

The GUE Fundamentals course is a gateway course to the GUE training and is a prerequisite course for GUE Technical and Cave training, as well as further recreational courses such as Triox, Recreational 2 and DPV 1. The course will be taught on Nitrox 32 and the course includes training in the use of Nitrox and Nitrox certification.

For those interested, a complete course description and requirements are on the GUE website: Recreational | Global Underwater Explorers (http://www.gue.com/Training/Recreational/index.html)

If interested or if you have any questions please contact me.

safe diving,
George Bouloukos