View Full Version : Keys dive boat question

08-24-2007, 17:51
I'm planning a Keys dive trip for about a half dozen divers. Planning on renting a house for a week.

It appears that most (or, at least a lot) of good dive spots are within two to three miles of shore. This leads to an interesting (or stupid) idea.

Is it likely for the sea to cooperate with a 14 foot inflatable runabout type boat?



08-24-2007, 18:14
From my very limited experience diving down there I would say no.

08-24-2007, 18:17
i would avoid that...
why not just go on charters? or maybe rent a boat? (is that cost efficient?)

Capt Hook
08-24-2007, 18:45
We've rented 20 footers and that's about as small as I would go.