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05-30-2009, 08:12
My first thought upon rolling into Pennyroyal, was “where is everyone??” The day was forecast for rain but other than a little sprinkle, the weather was great. This was my 2nd consecutive week in the water, last week was at Blue Springs in Waldron , IN this week I hit the road down south to Pennyroyal.

I counted maybe 6 or 7 other divers total during our day there. One giant stride off the little wooden floating dock and we made our way first to the 20′ platform to make sure everything was adjusted before we descended to the Blue Dolphin.

Tom in his 5mm and me in my 7mm felt the thermocline give us a good “WHAT NOW!” at 30′. The temps went from the 60ish at the surface to the mid 40’s at around 35ish’. When we got to the bottom our bottom temp was 43 degrees. I was thankful for my full 7mm and I know Tom had to be chillin (literally) in the 5mm. Outside of a drysuit, nothing like a full bladder will do the trick to perk up the wetsuit temp….just rememebr to flush ;). 28 minutes later we surfaced.

The second dive was going to try to be another deep dive, but already being chilled form the first dive, we altered our plan. Instead, we swam just at the thermocline along the wall and then over to the shallow end to gawk at the sunken stuff.

The third dive was intended to look at the christmas tree forest on the other side of the quarry. We did a surface swim over to the other side and dropped down. I went a bit deeper than Tom on this dive, looking at only a few dead trees hanging off the side of the quarry walls. My deepest was 54′ and it was still 43 degrees at that spot. We again meandered around to the shallow end to look at the sunken things.

Overall, yes the temps were a bit on the cool side, but the visibility wasn’t too bad, I’d say on average 15-20′. I am surprised I didn't see more fish swimming around though.

06-02-2009, 22:29
We went to Pennyroyal last year, or maybe the year before, near the end of August and there were lots more people there! We had a fantastic time; I think it's a nice place, not as nice as the Keys, but a lot closer and cheaper!!

06-09-2009, 10:10
There is a group going this weekend.