View Full Version : Air Fills Lake Denton for this weekend

08-24-2007, 21:27
Where can I get air fills near lake Denton?
This weekend is a long holiday weekend.
Have 12 Air/Nitox tanks reserved, which I can fill get refilled on sat.
But where can I get them filled on Sunday / Monday?

Will be doing Lake Denton on Sat / Sunday. So will need to get them re-filled
for Long Sunday /Monday dives. Not even sure where to look around orlando :)
May be doing a spring dive on Monday (holiday) or possibly shore dive.

You guys know who's open around here this long weekend?


Tommy //

08-28-2007, 11:45
As far as I know,
the only dive shop near Lake Denton is Fear Not Scuba

It is a pretty small area, so I wouldnt doubt if it is the only one nearby..