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08-24-2007, 21:42
Hello all,

A while ago, I picked up an Aeris Nomad Bag from ST, and I've been completely happy with it... save one thing.

How the heck do you store fins in it? There are supposedly fin cinch-down straps; where, I could not tell you.

Thanks for help with this (stupid) question.

ScubaToys Larry
08-24-2007, 22:07
The idea is you slide one on each side... where those side straps are, and cinch them down on the blades.


If it was big enough to put fins in - it would not be legal for most carry on rules.


08-24-2007, 22:11
And the airlines have no problems with your fins just hanging out like that? Is it still carry-on legit with the fins strapped on like that?

(Not snotty... just curious)

If so, sweet.

08-24-2007, 22:13
I think I'd call the airline I was going to fly with and see. They change the rules as often as a normal person changes their underwear.