View Full Version : diving local private lake?

06-07-2009, 15:45
Parents have(had) summer house on private spring fed lake in northern NJ(Green Pond)-don't think anyone has ever dove it-sand bottom starts out shallow(6' ) from shore to 70' in middle(area affectionately known as "Bass Hole")-since bros are taking possession of house was thinking of trying to dive there on last visit-have own gear, just need to rent tanks and weights, have husband as buddy-know there are ALOT of fish(catch and release only) and may find lots of lost wallets, watches, etc-will be notifying corp that is "landlord" there and that polices lake for outsize boat motors and basic bad behavior(again, for residents only, no outside boats or people allowed)-any thoughts?

06-07-2009, 15:56
Not exacatly sure what that last half says... But I did catch sandy bottom and spring fed. Have fun :smiley20:

06-07-2009, 16:06
Have they found John Gotti yet?

The Great Kazoo
06-07-2009, 16:12
Have they found John Gotti yet?
Yes, he died in Prison a few years back.

06-07-2009, 16:15
Watch out for fish hooks and snags and expect a serious thermocline in any freshwater body that is spring fed.
Have fun and be safe!

06-07-2009, 17:58
ooh, didn't think about fish hooks-tree line is far from the shore/edge, shouldn't be too many branches-think its worth a look see

06-17-2009, 22:00
Have they found John Gotti yet?

I think you mean Jimmy Hoffa..

Sounds like an interesting dive spot. Let me take a guess...this is in "the nice area of New Jersey" as everyone says about their area of NJ. :)

06-18-2009, 06:21
I dive a lot of fresh water lakes that look good from the dock or shore only to have the lights go out at about 20 ft.Do be carefull of hooks and "invisible " line. Sounds like a great time. If you have one take a lift bag with you for the boater tested , diver approved anchor.( I hope boaters never take a knot tying course). A 7 mil suit should be fine for the thermocline drop. Have fun

06-18-2009, 06:28
Where in NJ is the lake? I grew up in NJ, and my mother still lives in Jersey, so I do make it that way every couple of years.


06-18-2009, 07:18
Since motorboats may be on the lake, may want to have an inflatable surface marker with dive flag you can tow with you. Maybe something like this one at ST: Inflate a Flag reviews and discounts, Trident (http://www.scubatoys.com/store/detail.asp?PRODUCT_ID=DF67)