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08-25-2007, 10:42
Anyone been to Coron in the Philippines before? Im booked to go with a freind this December. We're going to have 40 Days in the Philippines so any info on other parts of Palawan would be great as planning to explore there too.

08-30-2007, 09:10
Anyone been to Coron in the Philippines before? Im booked to go with a freind this December. We're going to have 40 Days in the Philippines so any info on other parts of Palawan would be great as planning to explore there too.

Haven't been to Coron, but it's on my list. Here's link to a website that might give you some good info: http://www.philippinediving.com/ Hope it helps:-)

09-18-2007, 03:50
this is a nice place for divers!

09-20-2007, 11:44
Hey Lethal OZ,

I've spent a weekend in Coron and the wreck diving was amazing. There are many WWII Japanese wrecks to choose from (I was able to dive 4 of them). There are also "adventure dives", primarily Gunther's Cathedral and Barracuda lake. It is a great place to spend some diving time.

There are also corals reefs to dive as well, but to be honest, there are plenty of other places in the Philippines to enjoy the reefs. I would spend time in Coron primarily for the wrecks and the adventure dives.

Take note that the visibility on the wrecks is not as great in Coron as other places in the Philippines - maybe 20-30 feet at best, 10-15ft usually. Although take note that I am used to 50-100ft visibility of Puerto Galera & Anilao!

Another place to dive in Palawan would be El Nido, however, after the typhoon swept through the area a couple years back the reefs have not been the same. An option you might want to consider is go to Apo Reef from Coron. Some dive resorts make that trip.

I went throught Discovery Divers on Coron and I have nothing but good things to say about them. They also have the option to go to Apo Reef.

Please feel free to PM me if you have any other questions. I can link you to my dive trip summary (pics included! :))

09-27-2007, 10:08
Just FYI, here's a pic of the dive sites in Coron/Busuanga (Couretsy of Penn aka Boljakool):


10-07-2007, 14:04
Getting to Coron

There are 2 main options to get to Coron from Manila:
1) Asian Spirit Air (http://www.asianspirit.com/)
They do weekly flights every other day from Manila to Busuanga. From Busuanga airport it is a 45 minute jeepney ride to Coron. It is a quick flight (about an hour) so makes the travel very convenient. However, watch out for weight restrictions if you're travelling with a lot of equipment and luggage.

advantages: quick, convenient, regularly scheduled flights
Disadvantages: airport is 45 mins away from Coron.

2) Superferry (http://www.wgasuperferry.com/)
The ferry leaves from Manila port (up the street from the US embassy) and arrives into Coron town proper. It is an overnight ferry ride (leave 6pm, arrive 6am) and you don't have to worry about weight restrictions. The line up to the ferry can get very hectic so make sure to arrive at least 2 hours before departure time to avoid the rush. There are a couple different types of accomodation rooms on board so be sure to check out which one will suit you best. I recommend cabin class since you have your own room to store your dive equipment in.
However the ferry is scheduled to leave from manila (friday night) and depart from Coron (sunday night) once a week! So you if you take the superferry both ways you either stay in Coron a weekend or an entire week.

advantages: cheap travel, romantic :smiley36:, arrives directly into Coron
disadvantages: ferry is scheduled only once a week, takes overnight, checking into ferry is very hectic, booking is only 3 months in advance.

3) A 3rd option is to fly into Puerto Princesa and take a ferry from there. I am not very familiar with this route but it can be done. Something to keep in mind if you wish to visit Palawan before or after Coron.

Of course you can mix and match, taking the flight to Busuanga and the superferry back to Manila (great for off gassing). This way you have more flexibility with the duration you wish to spend in Coron.

07-07-2009, 04:53
I've just returned from a week in Coron. There are now 3 airlines operating 50-60 seat turboprop aircraft and offering some pretty good deals. I got a return Manila-Busuanga airfare for about $45 with Zest Air. Cebu Pacific airlines and PAL Express had similar prices. Excess baggage (ie over 10kg) was about $4/kg. This is a big improvement over the previous 19 seat LET410 aircraft that was so unreliable you would avoid going at all costs. The road from the airport to Coron is being concreted at the moment, with completion due in a few months. The dive shops are able to offer good private transfers for about $3 each way...forget the Jeepney!

I dived with Dive-Cal and stayed at Dive-Link resort on Uson Island. I really enjoyed myself - great people, good service and fantastic diving in a very spectacular part of the world. I didn't want to leave!

09-29-2009, 03:17
I dove with sea dive in March 09. Great resort with rooms that suit all budget. Flew in from Singapore by Cebu pacific to Manila and to Busuanga. Have a good resturant which serve good breakfast. There is a resturant by the sea just beside it which you can have good seafood dinner.

Great place to dive for all wreck lovers. Every dive is a penetration dive with some deco depends on which wreck you are doing. Bring along your torch. I would recommend you bring a pretty decent one. Some wreck is really dark.

One thing to note when you are departing Coron. They are pretty strict with their hand lugguage. they will weigh it so better to purchase some excess baggage before hand to save some money if you think you will exceed it.

03-13-2012, 21:24
I did a trip last December to Coron, I did 3 days of diving on the wrecks (8 wreck dives and one in Barracuda lake). I flew to Busaunaga from Manila on Cebu Pacific. I managed to get a great deal for this flight, it was about $70USD return including 20kg checked luggage. For people who have not flown Cebu Pacific you need to add stuff as you book the ticket, like luggage, insurance, seat reservation etc. Flights can be pretty cheap just the same. It is a one hour flight from Manila to Busuanga (Coron). The flight is quite easy and the view coming into Busuanga island is quite awesome. To get to Coron town from the airport is easy just get a van outside the terminal for about 120PHP (I think that is how much I paid about $3USD). The ride is about 45 min. I stayed at a very simple homestay that was about $9USD per night. I was alone and was diving during the day so all I wanted was a place to sleep, I am also not a big fan of aircon so I just had a fan room. The family that run the place I stayed were quite nice and very accommodating. I rented a motorcycle and they let me park it inside there "car port".

The first day I walked around Coron trying to decide which dive shop I used. This was maybe the worst part of the trip. I spoke with 5 shops I think. One was more expensive but offered less, when I asked what they give for this higher cost, the answer was "we have foreign dive masters". That was all, no food on the boat or any other extras. I asked which site they would go to the next day, but the guy in the shop could not tell me. I asked if he could call me later to let me know. He agreed but never called. Also most shops it appears give you a price that includes gear. I had my own, I asked if there was a discount for this, this "more expensive" shop only replied with "Don't you want to use new equipment?" Well I did not carry my gear (which fits me really well) to use "new" rental gear :-). They offered no discount for using my gear. I checked with a local run shop (which also advertises the cheapest rates) but hey seemed to have little interest in answering my simple questions.

So I ended up choosing Sea Dive. They have a hotel right on the water, the location is quite convenient and the price not bad, and they offered a small discount for using my own gear. I have to say that the diving fees nowhere in Coron are expensive. I was shopping around more for service and how I felt about the DM then the lowest price. I did not get a great response from any of the ships about logistics, like how many divers per trip, how many are scheduled for tomorrow who will be the DM etc. Saying that, it was not too bad, I got answers from Sea Dive that were ok. My DM for all three days, Nonoy is supposedly the most experienced DM in Coron, he has over 17000 dives. For me in most ways he was great (I was not on a tight leash so to speak). The diver (customer) management was not great at times, mixing new divers (2nd dive since cert) with divers with 1000+ dives and going to 33m, or dong wreck penetration with divers showing a lot of apprehension and few dives. I think however that most dive shops in Coron are run a little this way. The dives were not bad, the wrecks have a reputation for poor vis, but I was ok with this. Remember it is a huge bay that does not have a huge turnover in water, so vis is just that way. I dove in Subic last Sept and had zero vis at times on the USS New York. On one Coron dive the vis was well over 10m, the poorest vis were the gunboats (close to shore shallow dives) maybe 7m.

I enjoyed the diving and Busuanga. I rented a motorcycle and drove around the island. Most of the roads are dirt and in places bone jarring, I did get a flat and rode the bike for 6km with this flat until I found a place to get an inner tube out in. There is little development on the island and is very rural, but it is beautiful at least in my opinion ☺.

I have read many complaints about seadive, bad food, not so great owner, slow service, rude staff etc. I would say it is not perfect, I was treated well even though I did not stay there (this was not an issue for them, I still ran a tab and paid stuff at the end). Patrick the dive shop manager was really good to me. I enjoyed the food I had, but I did not order western food. It was not expensive but of course you can get cheaper food in the town but not a lot cheaper even at local places. If you want a quiet night sleep do not stay in the town itself, find a place outside of town, it was very noisy most nights.

Overall I liked my Busuanga/Coron experience. It was not expensive overall, and the diving was good.

Pros: Cheap diving, easy access to the shop and getting to Busuanga Non-militant DM (this might not be a pro for everyone). Nice location, scenery. Food on the boat was great Nanoy my DM cooked it!!

Cons: No “real” beach near Coron Town (not really an issue for me). Diver management was sometimes poor for less experienced divers. Sometimes the DMs were not so attentive (I saw this with other groups).