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06-19-2009, 15:07
Scubadviser | Scuba Diving | Dive Centre Reviews | Liveaboard Reviews (http://www.scubadviser.com/home_1.aspx?id=1:35218) is a website specifically for reviewing dive operators, shops and liveaboards. they are still getting things up and running but have a decent start.

i did not go into their other sections that go into the eco and political views (i believe the web owners are in the UK), but i do appreciate the consolidated and standardized quick review formats. you still get the "editorial" but you have the check lists as well so you dont forget one of those important aspects.

i will always check multiple sources for my info, and this has now become one.

as always, i will read complaints all the way thru and try to keep them in context because not having a mint on my pillow in a 3rd world "resort" is just not that big a deal for me.

i want to know what the diving conditions are and how the staff treat you initially and after any issues.

check it out if you like and add your own review (good or bad) to your favorite spots.

06-20-2009, 09:18
Thanks for the info. I've added a link for this to the Midwestmuckdiving (http://www.midwestmuckdiving.com) page. This is another good resource for updated conditions.


06-20-2009, 13:29
and i've asked joe to move this thread since i INTENDED to put it in the "general comments or questions that don't fit elsewhere" and somehow i managed to stick it in the GEAR community :smiley9: